Why You Need A Good Harness For Your Dog?


Having a pet is a wonderful feeling. A dog, as a pet, can be your wonderful friend accompanying you for walks, plays and endless memorable moments of life. Taking care of your dog isnt just about the food, love and care, it’s also about giving them a safe and healthy life. A dog harness is a strap on belt for the dogs to keep their body posture correct and have a harness so that you don’t lose them in a crowd. With a safety harness on you can walk with the dog and be connected to them.

The new model of Y-harness from Hurtta comes with its high-technology traps that support the body of the dogs and give them comfort. If you still don’t have idea, why you need a good harness for your dog, read on!

Keeps the dog under your control

If you have adopted a dog, teaching them to live with you and safe in the surroundings shall take time. And it shall involve a lot of evening walks, plays and travelling together. A good harness gives you a means to stay connected with the dog and control them from wandering around. This ensures that your dog is always near you and doesn’t get lost in the crowd. When you go walking with your dog, you can always walk with the harness together and have a great time.

Works on dog posture

A harness isn’t just about having a hold on your pet but also a lot about their body postures and the way they walk. Instead of running away from the house, the harness gives you a strong control on the pet letting them walk in your pace. A good harness balances the pressure dogs put on their body to do vivid tasks. Instead of straining their neck the harness helps balance the pressure between the sternum and the neck for a good walk. It helps correct their body posture too by giving freedom to the shoulders and strong cover around the back.

Safe for the dogs

Domestic animals like dogs and cats are always prone to connect with other animals and stay in danger under human surroundings. For utmost safety of your dog from unforeseen wanderings, having them harnessed is a safe option. With padded straps the dogs are always in comfort while being strapped to prevent them from wandering to unsafe places.

The Y-harness is an excellent harness to bank on for the safety of your dog. When keeping a pet, lay thought on their safety and invest in a good harness!

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