Animal Cruelty Info Revived!


Animal Cruelty is quite a sensitive topic. The topic was not given that importance before, but now days many stern steps have been taken so as to lower down the intensity of animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is defined as “Any activity which harm animals either directly or indirectly”. But harm done to animals in order to protect your own life is not considered as Animal Cruelty unless it is done in humane way which will minimize the pain to animal. Harming or killing animals for am economic gain is included under animal cruelty and is considered as a serious crime.

Psychological studies have shown that people who inflict harm to animals just for pleasure are more likely to do so to humans too. In circuses many animals are treated very badly. No animal wants or likes to ride cycle, stand upright on their head, jump through fire rings or balance on balls etc. But animals in circuses have no choice other than doing so. Else they are tortured by the trainer. Trainers use hunter, whips or even electric pods to torture them in order to train the animals. This is a serious type of Animal Cruelty.

Central government has banned dancing bears. Bears are being protected under wildlife protection act 1972. Dancing bears are also very cruelly tortured by Qualandars or madaris to teach them dance. The physical injuries are also done to them. Animals used in film making or cinematography are often treated badly. With no food given to eat they are exploited horribly for work. In action scenes, animals are treated horribly, they often met with serious injuries which are also not treated. Many times animals die in these action scenes. Although there are laws to protect usage of animals in film making, but they are hardly enforced and followed by film makers.

Birds are kept in cages. Not only this, the cages are small, not well ventilated, and horribly unhygienic conditions. There are races and fights which are arranged for the entertainment of people. Example of this is cockfight, elephants fight, bull’s race etc. In cock fight the roosters are given alcohol to make them feisty. These cock fights are banned under the “prevention of cruelty to animals act 1960”. But then also many roosters are forced to fight till their death in almost all parts of the country. The winners of one fight are again forced to fight in the next round. This is a serious type Animal Cruelty where animals are forced to their death in a very inhumane manner.

Zoos are built to help animals and to give information to common people about the behavior of these animals. It is shocking to know that in zoos also animals are tortured very badly. These animals are often kept in small cages. These cages are hardly been cleaned. They are full of animal excreta. There are very less medical facilities available in the zoos.

We have to take strict steps towards stopping Animal Cruelty.

What we can do is make a commitment not to encourage any sort of Animal Cruelty. Also, immediately launch a complaint against a person who is doing so to the nearest police station. Our sincere efforts are very much needed to stop this.

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