The Difference in Quality of Service Dogs and Assistance Dogs

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Dogs top the list of favorite pets of people in the world. The reasons for this are many, but the most important one among them is the loyalty and loving support that these pets provide us. There are numerous dog breeds present globally and no doubt all breeds are quite useful to man, however they differ in their ability to perform different useful functions for their owner. The most preferable quality among them is providing varied services and give fullest support.

What exactly are service dogs?

The dogs are trained to perform certain tasks to help their owner. In simple words, these kinds of dogs are quite helpful for disabled people. They are not the pet dogs, but stay with their handlers to make them feel safe and have freedom to move. Disabled people with sight impairment and those who are unable to hear are highly benefited while handling this service dogs.

What exactly are therapy aiding or emotional supportive dogs?

They are trained in such way to provide full emotional support to their handlers. They are trained to be well behaved, able to stay in normal temperament and be loveable. These kinds of dogs are often seen in health care centers, old age homes and even seen in rehabilitation centers.

Therapy dogs or assistance dogs needs to be registered to get a certification to prove that they have participated in specified programs to be termed as ESA. The official ESA registration can be sanctioned from any credible pet trainers collaborated with State Government or you can have the ESA certification from well established pet selling service firm. You can contact them, by visiting their site

All service dogs are considered to be special breed and mainly looked upon to provide multiple services.

Such as:

  • To be guide dogs for kids, path lost person and for blind people.
  • Hearing dogs specially trained to hear sound to alarm deaf individuals.
  • Dogs assisting for you to remain mobile. Great help for people using wheel chair and for person forced to do less mobility.
  • Seizure identifying dogs always walk along with people prone to have seizures anytime and go for help when their handler is having trouble.
  • Blood sugar detecting dogs by just smelling the person.
  • Great emotional supporters for people suffering from mental health issues.

You can own a dog in preference to your need from any reliable pet selling vendors.

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