6 Ways to Tell if Your Dog Loves You


The bond between humans and dogs has been forged over thousands of years, with dogs often being referred to as “man’s best friend.” And with good reason – they’ve served as our protectors, co-workers, and companions for most of human history. Their loyalty and undying affection are the stuff of legend. However, unlike humans, dogs do not communicate their emotions through words. Instead, they express their love in various unique ways. This article will explore six reliable signs that show your canine companion deeply cares for you.

6 Ways to Tell if Your Dog Loves You

  • Body Language

Your dog’s body language speaks volumes about its emotions. Here are some signs to look out for:

Tail Wagging: The way your dog wags its tail can indicate its emotional state. A relaxed, back-and-forth wag typically represents happiness and love. However, be aware that not all tail wagging is friendly. If the wagging is stiff and the tail is held high, this may indicate alertness or agitation.

Relaxed Eyes and Ears: Look for relaxed, slightly droopy eyes and ears. When a dog is happy and comfortable, its eyes will be a normal shape, not overly wide or squinted. Similarly, the ears won’t be pinned back (indicating fear) or pricked up (signalling alertness).

Leaning into You: If your dog leans on you or pushes against you, it’s a clear sign they feel safe and secure. This leaning behaviour indicates trust and a desire for physical contact.

Play Bowing: A typical “play bow” is when your dog stretches its front legs forward, lowers its chest to the ground, and raises its rear in the air. This is an invitation to play, and a sign that your dog loves spending time with you.

  • Physical Affection

Physical affection is a clear sign your dog loves you. Some forms of canine affection include:

Licking: Dogs use licking as a way to show affection. If your dog licks your face or hands frequently, it’s a way of expressing its love and reinforcing the social bond between you.

Cuddling: After a meal or early in the morning, dogs may seek out cuddles. This behaviour is a strong indicator that your dog loves you and feels safe with you.

Nudging or Pawing: Some dogs express their affection by gently nudging or pawing their owners. It’s a way of getting your attention and demonstrating their attachment.

  • They Follow You Around

Does your dog follow you from room to room? (especially the energetic small breeds like dachshund puppies or Toy Cavoodles). Dogs are pack animals, and they often view their human family as part of their pack. If your dog keeps you in sight all the time, it’s likely because it loves and cares about you. This behaviour demonstrates trust and a strong bond.

  • Makes Eye Contact

In the canine world, prolonged eye contact can be seen as an act of aggression. However, in the context of your relationship with your dog, maintaining eye contact could mean something else entirely. Dogs will only sustain eye contact with those they trust and feel comfortable with. When paired with a wagging tail or other positive body language, this can be a sign of love and trust.

  • Excited Greetings

A clear sign of a dog’s affection is the way it greets its owner. If your dog gets visibly excited every time you walk through the door — wagging its tail, jumping, or running around — it’s a sign that it loves you deeply. This enthusiastic greeting shows that your dog missed you while you were gone and is excited about your return.

  • They’re Calm and Relaxed with You

A dog’s sense of security and contentment in your presence is a subtle, but potent sign of love. If your dog is happy to just hang out with you, snoozing at your feet or calmly enjoying your company, it indicates they feel secure and loved. This is particularly telling in normally hyperactive or anxious dogs, as their ability to relax around you demonstrates a high level of trust and attachment.


Dogs may not be able to communicate their emotions through words, but their actions speak loud and clear. The aforementioned signs – body language, physical affection, following you around, eye contact, excited greetings, and calmness in your presence – are reliable indicators of their love for you. Each dog is unique and may show its affection differently, so it’s crucial to pay attention to your dog’s specific behaviours. Above all, reciprocate their love, as the bond between a dog and its owner is one of the most rewarding relationships one can have.

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