Get the best lead and collar for your trusty wet-nosed friend


Everybody wants the best for their precious dogs. One of the best ways to make your dog a very happy one is taking it for refreshing walks. An important part of what makes a walk comfortable for your dog is a good lead and an even better dog -collar. The leash needs to be long enough to let te dog wander around to look for smells but it also needs te be either adjustable in length or not too long so it is safe in case you live close by a busy road. Even more important is choosing the correct collar for your dog. What kind of collar you need depends on a few factors such as the size of your dog, it’s age and it’s energy level. And let us be honest, we also want our dear friend to look cute as a button.

The positives and negatives of a simple collar

A simple collar is really just that, it only wraps around the neck of your dog and can be adjusted in size (to some extent). It usually has a simple clasp of some other form of closing mechanism, a (smallish) circular metal or plastic ring for a name tag or some other sort of identification and a larger ring so you can secure a leash to it. In terms of comfortability this kind of collar doesn’t usually rank very high; in case your dog tends to be energetic and bounce around the collar can become constricting. If you have a smaller dog or just one that enjoys climbing or jumping over objects such as fences, you might want to consider choosing for another type of collar. This type can hurt your dog when the leash or the collar itself gets stuck. Worst case scenario: your dog might be unable to breathe if the collar gets stuck. So, while this type of collar is fine for walking, you might want to take it off when just letting your dog run around the house or garden.

Quick-release dog collars: safe and easy

You might have been slightly put off by the dangers of a simple collar but do not despair! You are not the only one who has had that thought. That is why quick-release collars have been invented. These collars will open when a certain amount of force is put upon the clasp. In other words: if you pull back your dog the clasp will keep the collar closed but if your dog gets stuck the clasp will unlock and your dog will be free, happy and, the most important thing, safe once again.

Dog collars are what you need and these ones come with a magnetic strap that will help you keep your beloved pet safe at all times. They can be unclasped with ease and provide a safe option for your pet when it is outdoors. Buy them for your pet and help them be happy and safe.

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