Why It is Better To Use Dog Harness When You Are Taking Him Outdoors 


Whenever you are on an adventure trip or just taking a morning walk with your dog, you must have full control on him. This is required for safety in public places. Just holding your pet with a neck collar is insufficient and may not be comfortable for the dog too. Hence, it is better to use a good harness considering the benefits it has.

Neck strangling and damage:

The dogs have a habit of constant pulling and pushing themselves. If the dog collar is used, it puts pressure on the neck and thereby creates the respiratory problem, harms the thyroid gland and other medical issues might occur. The harness divides the pull pressure around the chest and prevents neck strangling and related damage.

Functional and stylish:

There is a variety of harness available depending on the dog’s breed. There are a few harnesses that enable you to view the dog’s every activity. Dog goPro Harness has mounting options either on the chest or on the back to view a variety of perspectives from the dog’s angle. These harnesses have adjustable straps, soft padded to ensure dog’s comfort while he is digging, running, jumping and doing other activities.

Avoid skin problems:

Generally, the neck collars are kept permanently tied. In such case, there are chances of getting infection, hair loss, skin irritation problems to your beloved pet. The harness is easy to remove and washable to avoid such infection.

Controlling the movement:

The dog easily gets distracted by a nearby bird, other pets or even by humans. In such case, controlling your pet becomes extremely difficult if you are in high traffic. You can easily handle and redirect the dog’s movement with the help of good harness.

Better safety:

The dog harness provides better safety as compared to the neck collar. The dog harness is tied across the shoulders, chest and front limbs. This provides additional safety and grip to restrict the dog from running away.

Stop the pulling act:

The dogs have the habit to run across when they are nearby exciting stimuli or scents. The more you pull, the greater the force they apply against the pull. This might take the life of your pet if you have small breeds or younger ones. With dog harness, your ride with the pooch shall be enjoyable and comfortable for both.

Entangle yourself:

The pull and push behavior might twist and entangle your wrist, legs or your fingers and even the dog itself. This can lead to severe injuries due to falling. With dog harness, this can be avoided.

Prevent Ocular Proptosis:

Besides, having critical issues on the neck and skin directly, the dog’s collar has an indirect effect on the eyeballs in the long run. With frequent pulling, the pressure applied on the neck might have ocular proptosis – bulging of the eyeballs.

The selection of the harness should be based on the comfort level of the dog. The size and temperament of the dog and the surrounding environment should be taken into consideration before purchasing the harness.

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