Everything You Should Know About Pet Foods And Healthcare

Pet Care

All the existing and wannabe pet parents spend hours online to get the information required for a healthy upbringing of their fur babies. People don’t shy away from spending a fortune in buying quality pet food, but one needs to be well-versed about the breed of animal, age, gender, etc., before selecting the right kind of diet for those furry little ones. This article specifically is focused on different types of food requirements for different ages of dogs.

For newly born puppies: For the new pet parents who recently adopted or their dog gave birth to the young ones, the mother’s milk is the best source of nutrients for the little puppy for at least a month. If someone is raising the puppy without the mother, a supplement formula such as a puppy milk replacer should be used, which should be high in nutritional value.

At the time of weaning: The weaning process should ideally begin by the third or fourth week after birth; sometimes, it might extend to the seventh or eighth week. At this time, the litter should be separated from their mother and encouraged to eat a few solid foods independently. Eatables like pedigree puppy food can be incorporated into the diet. As the vets often recommend the brand, it can be introduced by adding some warm water or milk so that it becomes sloppy enough for the puppy to lap.

Puppyhood: By this time, puppies have evolved physically and mentally to learn and adapt to their environment, so responsible social training needs to be induced in their daily routine. As it will help them to become responsible dogs, from the food perspective, food options like supercoat can be registered in their diets at this stage. This superfood is formulated with high-quality natural ingredients and real chicken, which promotes vision and brain development, growth of bones, and overall health benefits.

Different breed sizes reach adulthood at varying ages because these breeds are different in terms of growth, nutritional requirements, and weight. Food options like royal canin maxi starter are ideal for the period of gestation and lactation for the birthing dogs and the large breed of puppies weighing between 26-44 kgs and up to fifteen months of age.

Apart from the varying food options, certain medicines are always in demand for these paw-some little beings. For example, bravecto is a commonly used medication used to control fleas in dogs. It is normally administered around feeding time.

Similarly, ostopet is another drug that promotes healthy bone development and maintains strong cartilage, tendons, and ligaments in cats and dogs. Famotidine is used to treat an upset stomach, Diphenhydramine is required in treating acute allergic reactions, and Tramadol is widely used to cure pain in dogs. However, any of these medicines should be administered after being prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. The prescription list can be preserved for future reference.

As responsible pet owners, one leaves no stone unturned in providing the best health care to cats or dogs owned by them, but being equipped with the right information and knowledge always goes a long way and helps these pet parents to take care of their little fur babies in the best possible way.